Textured glass: what are the advantages and applications of this product?

Textured glass: what are the advantages and applications of this product?

First of all, we can say that if you intend to bring versatility to your project, when choosing textured glass, you will be doing the right thing!

This is because it can adapt to different scenarios, becoming one of the preferences of decorators and architects. It is noteworthy that this product goes through a manufacturing process, where it is possible to unleash a variety of textures, when choosing a glass wall art

To understand more about the possibilities of using this material, as well as the advantages, follow us until the end of this content.

What is textured glass?
textured glass
Also known as fancy glass or printed glass, textured glass goes through a production process similar to float glass.

However, the molten glass sheet travels between two metallic cylinders, one smooth and the other with a “print” on its surface. At that moment, the texture is applied to the lower part of the glass.

Thus, textured glass becomes a very versatile element, which can be applied in different projects, providing various benefits.

What are the applications of a textured glass?
As mentioned earlier, textured glass makes it possible to use it in various projects and design forms. Thus, they include the following applications:

door installations;
cabinets and closets;
window panes;
bathroom box
wall cladding;
environments decoration.
In addition, it is a product that can serve different environments, such as residential and corporate projects.

After all, he can add different types of processing to his model, such as mirroring, sandblasting, tempering, beveling and lamination .

Therefore, it can be used in civil construction, interior decoration, furniture industry and manufacture of decorative objects.

Advantages of this type of glass
textured glass
First of all, it is worth noting that the advantages of this type of glass go beyond aesthetics. That’s because it provides a series of benefits that are not restricted to the format of the textures.

In addition to the contemporaneity that this glass brings to projects, another obvious advantage is the ability to diffuse sunlight and light throughout the environment. In this way, the client maintains his privacy without giving up natural light.

Another benefit is the practicality of cleaning, as there is no need for daily cleaning, as there are so many details on the glass that end up showing little residue on the surface.


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